• To alleviate illiteracy among poor or less advantage population using latest technology
  • To provide humanitarian assistance to poor and needy ( Food Bank Soup Kitchen)
  • Participate in Disaster Relief situations

    WHAT and HOW:
  • Jariya Humanitarian Organization is a Canadian based Federally Incorporated Non-profit Organization (NPO) that was created around December 2014. Jariya has entered into collaborative partnership agreements with several local charities with similar objectives
  • Jariya collects on-line donation through Aisha Charity Foundation PayPal Account. Jariya has been accepting the Muslims obligatory Zakat dues and will direct and distribute the fund to needy Muslim families who are eligible to receive

  • Somalian United Women of Montreal Femmes Somaliennes Unies de Montreal
  • 'Aisha Charity Support Services & 'Aisha Charitable Foundation
  • Baitul Ma'moor Foundation (Mosque) Montreal Quebec a registered Canadian Charity